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Everything has image, it brings business to live, whether it's a brand, a product or a company.
Instead of having a dull, blurry, unrecognizable face, a strong and unique image definitely improves the public awareness and recognition.

A good image stays in people's mind and last, it reflects brand/company's character; it may take a while. but it is invaluable once the image has been established.

We believe in total solution of image building, that carry through all aspects from a small memo pad to an environmental design, they will have the approach with same philosophy in behind. A logo, a packaging or an interior space should echo to each other in order to maximize the power of image.



1. Brand Research

Brand attribute
Your business nature, what you sell?

Your target customer or audience, who are you talking to?

What kind of character of your brand is perceived in the public?

Core value           
What is the single most important message that you want to convey?

2. Brand Communication

To create the brand identity, design the logo, house colour, format and graphic approach of printed material, interior design and visual merchandise, as well as the tone and manner of communication.

3. Brand Management

Standard rule of brand identity.

Design application.

Relation of corporate, brand and sub- brands.

Monitoring the design consistency on different aspect.

Renew, modify the design to help the brand image evolve to new generation.